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Donate with Paulista Invoice in a practical and safe way

Now, every time you make a payment or purchase, inform your CPF and you will have the opportunity to donate the amount to the Guainumbi Beneficent Association and contribute to the development of activities and welfare of our clients.


You can link your CPF to the association and allow the donation automatically, and even if you donate you will continue to compete in the drawings.

How to donate your Paulista Invoice

There are two ways for you to link your CPF and allow automatic donation, through the Nota Fiscal Paulista system, on the Fazenda Portal, or through the app for smartphones and tablets. By allowing the donation to Guainumbi - a place of happy people!!! the transfer will be made monthly, with the possibility of defining a period of three, six or twelve months. Remember to always inform your CPF at the time of purchase to allocate your donations to the Guainumbi Beneficent Association.

  • Donation by application:

    After downloading the Nota Fiscal Paulista application for Android or IOS and registering as a consumer, select the option “Donation Coupon with CPF” in the Menu on the left side;

    Select the Guainumbi Beneficent Association;
    Set the donation period;
    Press OK and you're done!

  • Donation through the NFP website:

    Access the Nota Fiscal Paulista system with login and password;
    Select the option of “Automatic donation with CPF;
    Search the Guainumbi Beneficent Association;
    Determine how long you want to make the donation;
    Confirm your details to finish.


Step-by-Step Video:

Make the difference

Make your party a moment of celebration and help.

Make your donation by deposit, transfer or pix.

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