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place of happy people

True knowledge of oneself is only given to human beings,
When he develops affectionate interest in others;
True knowledge of the world the human being can only achieve,
When he seeks to understand his own being.

Rudolf Steiner


Promote social inclusion and well-being of people with intellectual disabilities, offering a space for spiritual and personal development, strengthening and building links with family and society for the transformation of human beings.




- Believing in the task of education and truly uniting us with responsibility.

- Respect the other above all, especially in their diversity.

- Commitment to the development of service improvement through training for employees.

- Carrying out activities with love, compassion and joy is our motivation.

- Valuing human beings according to their individuality in order to welcome them and integrate them into society.



- Improve service through therapeutic workshops and educational activities based on the principles of Anthroposophy, so that it becomes a reference in Social Therapy.

- Adapt the physical spaces to offer a better quality of service and expansion of service.

- Prioritize healthy eating through the cultivation of an organic-biodynamic garden, aiming at sustainability.

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